Is it possible to purchase the Pill in Jordan?
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Does anyone know about access to hormonal contraceptives in Amman, Jordan?

I'm going to be in Jordan for approximately 4 months next year and I would like to continue taking the Pill while I'm there, but I can't seem to find any information regarding the availability of hormonal contraceptives in Jordan. Does anyone know if it's possible to purchase it there/how expensive it is?
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Where are you before you're in Jordan? Many insurance companies in the US will let you get 3 months of prescriptions at once, with extra dispensation if you're travelling internationally. Perhaps you could simply get them before you go?

(I don't know anything about carrying these in to Jordan, but it's probably simpler to go with the prescription you already have).
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Yeah, your doctor can get your insurance co. to approve it. I've traveled for several months at a time with prescription medication and they're familiar with the drill.

If you're not on insurance I'm sure Planned Parenthood would do something similar (though that I've never tried).
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I don't know about Jordan specifically, but in other parts of the Middle East (Beirut, Dubai, Saudi Arabia), you can buy the pill over the counter at pharmacies very inexpensively ($5-$10/ pack). The brand names won't be the same, so write down the actual composition of the pill you take.

I wish I could vouch for Jordan specifically, but I would make an educated guess that it is available. It doesn't hurt to stock up before you leave.
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You don't necessarily need to go through your doctor; your pharmacist can likely take care of getting any necessary authorization from your insurance company (if applicable) and ensuring you have enough medication to last for your trip. Might be easiest to start there and let the pharmacy coordinate the details for you. Happy travels!
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