German Hair Work
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What is this German hairstyle? As seen recently in Berlin on a hip young man and not-hip young child, it seemed shorter on the top than on the sides but not a mullet (my memory is a little hazy), like it must have been a traditional quick n' easy home haircut possibly done with clippers but not something I've ever seen in the states. Bonus: how do you achieve this hairstyle?
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I'm trying to picture it - is it something like the Modfather would wear/have worn? Is it more like a Chelsea (more commonly seen on girls)?
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Response by poster: I'd say it was more like the "Chelsea" (which is really an inverse bowl cut) in the sense that it seemed like it was done mechanically. But I got the sense that it was some kind of really traditional german working class thing... unfortunately my memory is totally hazy. It could very well have just been what happens when you let a shaved head grow out and then trim the bangs... except that I saw the young man and the kid with the exact same hair...
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That's so funny MoonOrb - that haircut was everywhere in Germany when I lived there 15 yrs ago, I wonder if that's it.
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Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and we wore black clothes and pointy boots in order to stomp around at nightclubs, we called that look "Industrial Haircut #2." Nice to see it back...
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Or this? (Just published in my local newspaper, not in Germany by a long shot.)

Or anything here?

MrMoonPie, I believe that's simply a bedhead.

It could very well have just been what happens when you let a shaved head grow out and then trim the bangs

Hmm. Do you mean perhaps an undercut?
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