Nokia 9500 essential apps
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After a long love affair with my Treo, I've gone and bought a Nokia 9500. It's too big to be my primary phone but I'm hoping it can replace my laptop when I'm travelling. What Series 80 software do you folks consider as essential?

I'm particularly interested in software that would act as a wifi-hotspot finder, though I'm not sure whether this is possible. I'm also interested in useful forums and websites. Also, games...
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I use PuTTY, the Acrobat Reader, Remote S80, and AgileMessenger.

As far as I know there is no WiFi Hotspot finder beyond the normal WiFi stuff already on the phone.

The AllAboutSymbian forum and the forum were the most useful for me.

Honestly I think the WiFi on the 9500 is substandard. If you have the option of exchanging it for a 9300, consider that option. The 9300 is smaller and doesn't waste space on WiFi or a mediocre camera. I love my 9500, but I wish I had a 9300 instead. Also, it did take me a bit over a month to adjust to the size of the 9500. At this point I'm comfortable with the size.
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I second PuTTY, though I've only used the Series 60 version.
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Thanks, chaps. I've put putty and acrobat on there, working well. This is my first symbian phone and I'm impressed at the quality of the built-in apps; not like the palm OS where you need to upgrade every bit of software straight away.

joelr: the reason I went for the 9500 over the 9300 was the built-in wifi; I spend a lot of time in clients' offices, airport lounges etc where wifi is readily available and this is probably the most useful feature for me! Thanks for the advice, though.

Also, I discovered a wifi hotspot finder but haven't tried it yet.
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