How do I record audio of an online classroom as a student?
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How can I record the complete audio of an online course done through Adobe Connect? NOT as the instructor.

I will be taking an online training course soon, and from what I understand, the training company does not have a policy of recording Adobe Connect classroom sessions from their end. But I want to record the audio for my own review. How can I do this from my end with a headset and whatever software?

(I have an audio recording software, but it doesn't record both headphone output and microphone input.)
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Without knowing more about your computer setup (i.e., Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux) it's hard to know where to point you.

If you're on a Mac, Audio Hijack Pro will do this (and much more). I bet there's a Windows equivalent.
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Ah, sorry. I should've known better, too.
Basics: Windows XP, any number of browsers, USB and line-in/out headsets.
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The basic audio recording program (Sound Recorder? Check in the Accessories folder) included with Windows should be able to do it. It can just record whatever goes through the line out jack. I don't remember exactly how, but it wasn't too hard. Audacity is a more powerful program that can do the same thing, along with editing tools. IIRC, it's freeware.
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Whoops, missed that last part. I don't think Sound Recorder can record from two sources at once, but Audacity might be able to. Even if neither is able, they're both lightweight enough to have multiple instances running.
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Searching for Windows replacements for Audio Hijack Pro led me to:


but I have no experience with that software.
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That looks like the type of solution I'm looking for and isn't too expensive (I can record Skype sessions and any number of things too, which would be nice).
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