What are the great masterpieces of industrial design?
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Looking for masterpieces of industrial design. What are the most well-designed products?

The Apple products are of course, very well known. There's also the Swiss Army Knife and the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman.

I am looking for other such examples, that marry usability and beauty in amazing products that have earned iconic status.
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The Bic Cristal and Bic Lighter.
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have a look at Dieter Rams' work, particularly if you consider Jonathan Ives' work for Apple to be iconic.
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You'll find quite a few over at Cool Tools. The reviews are a mix of old and new items, classic and obscure, but I'm often surprised at how often a review will pop up for an item that is just so perfect and so iconic that it never even occurred to me that it was a masterpiece design because it never occurred that there could be a world without it.
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Mason jars.
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actually, have you seen Objectified? lots of good examples (and discussion) of industrial design in that documentary, if that's what interests you.
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The paper clip usually makes lists of this sort.
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Olivetti manual typewriters.

An ex-roommate of mine owned one of these in good working condition. They're amazingly easy to type on, nothing like computer keyboards or the electric typewriters I learned to type on when I was a kid. I can see why people loved them.
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The original Volkswagon Beetle.
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The Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe is iconic modernism.
Also the Brno, also Mies.
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as a spin off of nangar's response - the IBM Selectric is often cited as an excellent example of industrial design.

The Vespa

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Polaroid Land Camera

The VW Beetle and/or the Mini Cooper

The Spork

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Swingline stapler.
Coca-cola bottle.
Anything by Norman bel Geddes.
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#1 = the Lego brick.
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Airstream trailers
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OXO's kitchen products have the dual purpose of being nice looking but also usable to a wide range of people including people who might otherwise be using adaptive technology [motor skills issues, not great finger strength, etc]. So they manage to be useful for people for longer.
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Glock 17
Fairchild A-10

Both are cheap, effective, reliable, and durable as hell. Beauty and iconic status are subjective, of course.
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Basically anything from Herman Miller

- Aeron Chair
- Eames Molded Chairs
- Nelson Coconut Chair

... and lots of other things from the Bauhaus era like the Barcelona Chair
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The Lamy 2000.
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The tripodesque pizza box support thingy. Awesome design.

The Mercedes-Benz power seat adjustment controls that mimic the seat.
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This previously might be useful.
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The Juicy Salif, as shown on the cover of Don Norman's Emotional Design.

Talking of which, that book and Don Norman's The Design/Psychology of Everyday Things contain many examples of iconic industrial design.
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You should take a look at Masters of Modernism especially Marianne Brandt who with along many other great designers and artists trained at Bauhaus.
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The post-war Vespa scooters, designed by D'Ascanio and Innocenti, and turned out by the Piaggio and Lambretta companies. The idea of a pressed steel, step-through, two-wheeled vehicle with the engine, rear wheel and drivetrain as a single unit is amazingly obvious nowadays but it was an absolute breakthrough then.
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The P-38 can opener, and its (IMO superior) Australian variant, the FRED (Fucking Ridiculous Eating Device).
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The Juicy Salif...

I would argue that, cool-looking though it may be, Starck's design is a functional failure in that it doesn't actually work very well in its implied role as a juicer.
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Arne Jacobsen designed many durable items of beauty, lost of which have been cloned and copied over the years.
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The Duralex Picardie glass. Inexpensive, almost unbreakable, stackable, can be used for hot or cold drinks, and has an attractive shape that feels good in the hand.
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There are a few good examples from the world of cycling:

The tension-spoked wheel, which was invented by a 19th-century aeronautical experimenter, but popularized when James Starley adopted them for bicycles.

The safety bicycle with chain drive, especially the diamond frame version.

Tullio Campagnolo's original enclosed cam quick release.

SunTour's Gran-Prix slant parallelogram rear derailleur, invented by Nobuo Ozaki.
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The iconic industrial designer used to be Raymond Loewy. Since nobody here has mentioned him before now, I guess he's been supplanted. His stuff is still amazing.
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The Ironrite Health Chair (which may be on some of the linked lists, but I don't have time right this minute to click through) is pretty fantastic for such a simple little chair with humble, industrial beginnings - I picked up an old, plain white metal one from an Estate Sale for $10 (because I used to have a mangle too) and it's the most comfortable chair in the house, as far as working while seated goes.
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Hidden Heroes is a fun site (flash) from Vitra that explores a bunch of these items, their history, and designers.
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The Kikkoman soy sauce bottle.
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Anglepoise lamps
The Hasselblad 500 CM camera
The Chemex coffee maker
The Bodum Chambord coffee maker
The BMW horizontally-opposed twin-cylinder engine

Not so beautiful, but significant in the history of industrial design, the 9mm Browning High Power and the Kalashnikov AK-47.
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The Zippo lighter
Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses
The Sony Walkman
Anything from Bang & Olufsen
The Rolodex card file
The Marcel Breuer bistro chair and tubular steel chair.
The Fauteuil Grand Confort chair.
A bunch of cars, like the Volkswagen Rabbit/Golf, the Willys Jeep, the Citroën 2CV, and the Citroën Traction-Avant
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I just went to buy stamps and found these Pioneer of American Industrial Design stamps which, I must now buy.
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Citroën DS
Douglas DC-3
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You want to check out the Phaidon Design Classics 3 book set (or ~$20 iPad App). Mind you, they go for breadth (1000 items) rather than depth (usually a paragraph or two of history/explanation).
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