what to buy for the kid who has everything?
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What should I get my lego/star wars/video game obsessed cousins for the holidays?

I asked this question last year, I figure I'll give it another shot for this year. What is the new hotness in the realm of 11 year old boys who love lego, star wars, video games, etc.? Help me knock this year's holiday presents out of the park. I am looking to spend about $20 per kid on three kids.
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Do they all play Minecraft already?
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Yep, Minecraft is the answer, if they don't already have it.
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Since it's a perennial question, I'll answer for next year, but you have to buy it early: Lego's Advent calendars sell out every year. I got them a few times during my boys' Lego years, and they are a big hit.

I really miss the Lego years :(
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All the Lego Star Wars videogames. They are a ton of fun for all ages and are on multiple platforms.
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My lego-loving, video-game-playing 11-year old nephew is really into Skylanders.
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I just picked up this for my nephew who is similarly obsessed.
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Creationary is awesome.
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Minecraft rocks! The Lego video games are great, but they may already have them.

At eleven (and still at 13) what my son really appreciates from aunts & uncs are gift cards. Amazon, Toys R Us, Lego, your local video game store, etc., are all appropriate. For my son and his peers, the ability to shop for something YOURSELF is a big gift, too... that power, and the fun of shopping, is still novel, and generates a lot of fun and excitement.

Caution: if you're the adult who takes them to redeem the gift cards, you MAY get maneuvered into putting up an extra few bucks to get the preferred item.
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Lego star wars 3 for the 3DS

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Lego Super Star Destroyer. Well, that's what I bought myself for the holidays.
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The Brick Bible
Brendan Powell Smith has spent the last decade creating nearly 5,000 scenes from the bible—with Legos. His wonderfully original sets are featured on his website, Bricktestament.com, but for the first time 1,500 photographs of these creative designs—depicting the Old Testament from Earth's creation to the Books of Kings—are brought together in book format. The Holy Bible is complex; sometimes dark, and other times joyous.... sort of like Star Wars!

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My kids really like the Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary.
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