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We're hosting a Christmas party and I wanted to play a looping video featuring clips of popular Christmas video clip moments. I thought this might be an easy one to find, but I've come up short! Examples of what I'm looking for are inside.

- A Christmas Story, Ralphie sticking his tongue onto the pole.. really there are a dozen relevant clips possible there.
- South Park Christmas moments
- The Office - Christmas Party.

Anything that's a classic Christmas movie moment, or a funny contemporary sitcom or movie moment...

I could put together a playlist on youtube I believe, but I was wondering if anyone had come across something they'd seen already that might fit the bill or be something I can start with.
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something from Charlie Brown's christmas - the skating scene, maybe?
The lights getting turned on at the griswolds from Christmas Vacation (or any other number of scenes)
Any number of scenes from White Christmas
The home alone scream
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Ho ho ho, now I have a machine gun.
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check out scenes from "Trading Places" - it takes place around Christmas (although, warning, some scenes/comments might be kind of crude and un-PC).

Practically the entire movie "Christmas Vacation" (especially Cousin Eddie!) Christmas Vacation.
Again, could be kind of crude.

More friendly:
Linus explains meaning of Christmas.

Heat and Snow Misers

There are a ton of ideas! I'll try to add more later!
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-The end of It's A Wonderful Life where everyone is hugging and loving each other and dumping cash on the table.
-The scene in How the Grinch Stole Christmas where he slinks around the trees and steals all the presents, and the scene where he's singing Welcome Christmas with the Whos.
-The part from The Snowman where the kid goes to the snowpeople dance party.
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There's probably some good scenes in Elf; the end of polar express with the bells; will you have sound? because the muppets carol of the bells is fun.
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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: She thinks I'm cuuuuuute!
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Nice idea! In fact, I might yoink it the next time we throw a Christmas party. Here's my totally subjective list of Christmas scenes (some may be popular though):

- nth almost anything from A Christmas Story, especially when the family's having 'Christmas dinner' in the empty Chinese restaurant
- nthing Home Alone, e.g., when the mom comes home to the fully decorated house; and also the scene in the church
- Judy Davis explaining her non-traditional Christmas dinner in The Ref
- the little girl singing "All I Want For Christmas is You" in Love, Actually
- Jean-Luc Picard's fantasy Victorian Christmas and then realising he's in the Nexus in Generations
- I forget which movie it is now (prolly one of the early ones) but Harry Potter et. al. receiving Christmas gifts via owl
- Santa (unnamed) giving gifts to the kids in Narnia; also Edmund gorging on Turkish Delight

I'd look for the links for you but I'm at work. :)
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My favorite Christmas movie is Gremlins.

also, previously on metafilter - Treevenge!
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"Meet Me In St. Louis": Judy Garland singing to little Margaret O'Brien, little Margaret O'Brien bursts into tears and begins decapitating her snowmen.
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Places to Look for Your Christmas Presents, from the TV Funhouse "Christmas Day" episode.
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Response by poster: You guys have helped me immensely. I did some additional research tonight and it appears the best keyword is "montage". I've got a ton of material starting with YouTube searches for Christmas movie montage.

Thanks for all the help guys!
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