Help me find a Mercer Mayer memory game!
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I'm looking for a particular image from a Mercer Mayer activity book that was significant in my wife's childhood. Mercer Mayer fans, I need you!

Specifically, I'm looking for the "Take a break, it's snack time!" card that was part of a tear-out, Memory-style game included in a Mayer activity book. I don't know which book, don't know exactly when it was published, basically don't know anything other than that. Ideally I'd love a quality scan of this specific card, but if you can identify the book it was in, that would be great as well.

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Are you certain it's Mercer Mayer? Richard Scarry had a Best Rainy Day Book Ever that had lots of things to punch out and play with, from the same time period and their illustration styles are not dissimilar.

If it is Mercer Mayer, what does the card look like? Is the Little Critter character on it?
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I remember that series of Mercer Mayer books, at one point I had the whole set which I purchased at a used book store in 1983-85, so they would have had to been published before then. They were ~6" x 6" medium weight board books (pages were slick coated cardboard rather than paper), self cover (no dust jacket, the cover art was printed right on the book), ~8 pages and the entire book unfolded out flat: no staples or glue, it just sort of accordion folded in to a book with the cover wrapping around it to hold it all together. The last panel had 4 perforated cards that the reader could easily detach from the book and I recall being annoyed that if the cards were removed, the book would no longer have a back cover and would sort of sprawl out instead of staying book form. Each card had a character from the story on it and a little phrase above it. The books had very simple artwork on them: minimal background, lots of white space.

I'm blanking on the book titles (there were at least 4 of them). One of them had a little plump green reptile (crocodile?) on the cover, another a hedgehog, and another had an opossum.
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Oh yay, far more useful than my stream of conscience memory dredging: Little Critter Storybooks, featuring Critter Kids.

Here's one of them on Amazon, note the cards panel on the top left side of the 3rd photo.

If you end up having to buy these, make sure you get the Scholastic version: the reprints were done on paper and I don't know if they included the card artwork.
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PS (sorry to keep dribbling out this info, these are pretty old memories that are slow to revive): I think the take a break card was in "Gator Cleans House".
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Response by poster: noxetlux: I've never actually laid eyes on the card itself so I don't know if Little Critter is on it.

jamaro: Thanks! I'm working the Gator Cleans house angle right now. Lots of used copies out there!
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Response by poster: Not that anyone else is paying attention, but Gator Cleans Hose is not the answer. It's cute, but it's not an activity book at all.

Back to the searching!
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Response by poster: Oops. Or I got the wrong edition. Either way.
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