Winter Coat 2.0 - Warm, sleek, techie coats for the Chic Nerd?
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I hate winter, but it's coming and for once I want to be prepared. I want to buy a 3/4 length coat that is incredibly warm, very sleek and functional (think lots of pockets). Additionally, it has to look good when I'm wearing a suit as well as when I'm wearing casual clothing (jeans & sneakers). (More Inside!)

I currently have a 3/4 length cashmere coat from Hugo Boss which sucks. The pockets are vertical (you put your hands in from the top down) instead of being on a diagonal (where you comfortably slide your hands in naturally). The coat is not very warm at all and it only has two interior breast pockets.

I would like to get a coat that looks along the lines of these coats:

If possible, I would like it to have some sort of 'warmth technology'. Namely, down, or some sort of fancy pants stuff that would keep you warmer than just an additional layer.

Price is, for the most part, not an object. I'll spend up to $1000 on a coat that will last through several winters.

It can be any color as long as it's black.

It has to look sharp when I'm wearing a suit, as I will primarily be wearing this to work.

The coats I put above are indeed sleek, but their style will overshadow their ability to keep me warm. Warmth is key! I hate being cold!
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Maybe something from North Face?
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Or maybe Patagonia?
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My advice would be to go to a department store and try on wool, cashmere, alpaca, vicuna, whatever coats until you find one that looks good and makes you feel like you're suffocating in the store.
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You want a wool pea coat, full stop. That is the only correct answer. Every man instantly looks awesome in a pea coat, they're extremely warm, and it always looks sharp with whatever you choose to wear under it.

Do not get a parka unless you want to look like some clueless bro who missed the ski lift.
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The jacket by North Face is a little too 'technical' with all the exterior pockets (a good example of phunniemee's quote "clueless bro who missed the ski lift).

The Patagonia jacket has some promise.

I hate Pea Coats. I feel like it makes people look like they just stepped off a boat circa 1920. Yes, it does work very well on some people, but it would make me look a bit silly. I won't miss the ski lift though!
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In my experience, you can have sleek or you can have warm. I've spent a LOT of time looking for a sleek, warm coat, and have yet to find it. Down, in particular, is hard to make sleek-looking.

I live in a suit-loving town and the happiest people at the bus stop are the ones with the map of Canada on their arm. This one'll set you back $650, and it won't make you look entirely like the Michelin man.
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@looti: I'm not really feeling the faux trim (just don't like it in general, not that it is faux) but I've got to say, this is a pretty stylish coat. Not to mention that my friend literally pointed out a coat by this company yesterday and said, "they make the warmest coats."

If you have more answers please keep them coming but I'm absolutely going to try this one on!
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JCrew actually has some really nice wool coats, and many can be lined with Thinsulate.

This LandsEnd coat is a bit thicker, but it has 650 fill power down and a waterproof exterior.
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If it makes you feel better, it's real fur. Coyote. It's also detachable.

(Also it turns out it's not a map of Canada. My powers of observation are terrible, apparently.)
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The trim on that one is removable, it says.
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The Canada Goose jackets are super fashionable these days, and presumably very warm. I don't know if they are particularly sleek, to my eye, but sleekish people are wearing them, so what do I know. They are doing well with the marketing and brand association, as your friend's reaction shows, but you will be paying a bit extra for this.
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This Mountain Hardwear coat seems to fit your description. I bought one last year and couldn't be happier.
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Yes, you want a wool coat with a thinsulate lining.
Lands End trench, probably good for Fall/Spring, though it has a lining.
Brooks Brothers Dress Coats
LL Bean has lots of outerwear. Be careful, I've owned an LL Bean down parka that was too warm for all but a few days a year, and I am a wimp. Pay attention to the temp ratings.
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I second the Canada Goose Coat for functionality, they are one of the best. Though from your links I imagine you are looking for something a little more slick and appropriate with suiting. Canada goose is puffy and has a matte, synthetic rugged finish.

With a $1000 budget I would get one custom made at a men's bespoke tailor. If you live in a big city there will be a few different ones to choose from, tailoring to different age groups. Ask for dense wool felt and describe exactly what you want. This way it will fit perfectly and be what you want. Without much haggling you should be able to get a $1000 coat made of a decent wool. A quality tailor will make you a coat lasting 20+ years.

Also, If you are looking for something even more original, yet functional look at Y-3 (Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas).
Btw I totally see how you could be disappointed with the warmth of a cashmere Boss coat, Hugo Boss are known to use very low quality interfacings and finishings.
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I've had good luck with the J. Crew thinsulate coats. Here's one that looks reasonably sleek.
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I have the J Crew Bayswater peacoat with Thinsulate in slim fit extra small (I'm 5'10" and about 130lbs). The sleeves are a tad short, but I'll be able to get an inch extended on them from the extra material.

So far it's been about 0C here in Toronto, and I have no complaints. It looks great with my work clothes, and awesome with jeans; it's very versatile. I don't know what'll happen when it gets to -25C with the windchill, but so far as I said, I'm very happy with it, and think it looks awesome!

I must admit though, that the buttons needed reinforcing as they got loose. But this has been the case with every single coat I've owned. I got it last spring for about $160 on sale.
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