Floppy Disk Preservation
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What is the best way to preserve 3.5" floppies?

As I just happened to be messing around with MacPaint last night on my fully operational 512K (OK, sorry, I'll stop now), it occurred to me that some of my original disks are more valuable than gold, at least to a certain kind of gold aficionado. I am familiar with Low End Mac and old computer sites in general, and of course I run everything off copies. But what do you personally do to preserve your old software for the ages, other than keeping it clean/dry/away from huge magnets? Thanks!
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Back up the contents on solid state media, obviously; magnetic media, especially mass produced cheap floppies, tend to fall victim to data rot. From there, encase them in anti-static bags, ideally within their own sleeves first, and put them somewhere protected from light, vibrations, and moisture.
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If you have any way to make disk images of them, that would at least let you try to RSI age them if they got too bad.
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Reimage, thanks autocorrect and a phone call.
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Response by poster: Advicepig, I was already Googling RSI aging! It sounded so cool!
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