Camera accessory for iPad in Oz?
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Where can I buy an iPad camera connection kit between Brisbane and Byron Bay? Non-local details inside.

I just bought an iPad in Sydney on vacation to have an easy way to grab pictures off our camera for FB, email etc. It would be easy if anyone at the store would've mentioned that I need a camera adapter kit. Oh well, time for plan B: We are flying out of Sydney early tomorrow morning to Brisbane then driving to Byron Bay. Where can I quickly and easily buy an adapter?

Non-local concerns/questions:
- The ideal would be buying in one of the airports in a kiosk or machine. Is this option available if I'm flying domestic?
- I will be driving on the left for the first time tomorrow. In the morning. In the rain. Anything close with non-challenging traffic and parking would be best.
- if driving is too complicated I might make a side trip from Byron bay to get it. What would be closest/easiest?

Thanks in advance. I love this country after only a few days and want to share it with people!
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Apple store in Robina, which is more-or-less on the way. Local phone number is 5667 0400. Alternatively the Apple store in Chermside definitely had them last time I was there, a few months ago.
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There's an Apple store in Robina, on the Gold Coast, which is directly on your way. I'd be surprised if you could find one at the airport.
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You can probably buy your ipad accessories in Byron. Also, maybe, do yourself a favour and catch the 2hr express bus to Byron from Brisbane. You can then hire a car in Byron if you want and have a quieter first time driving on the left. Enjoy! (I recommend the Belongil Beach House and the adjacent Tree House Cafe).
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Before you buy the Camera Connection Kit, you might want to do a little research to make sure it'll work with your setup. As I understand it (I am a nonexpert), both the iPad 2 and some of the recent iOS upgrades have affected its functionality.

My recent reading (like I said, I'm a nonexpert, and I could definitely be wrong about all this--but I'm kinda in the market for one of these myself) suggests that if you just want to use the SD card reader to upload .jpg's, you'll probably be fine. But if you want to plug your camera into the USB port, or use other image file formats, or if you have a weird old camera or something, you might be more likely to run into problems.
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More detail, as I understand it (again, I might be wrong about all this): Apple reduced the power available from the iPad dock connector from 100ma to 20ma. Some super-high-speed SD cards (like e.g. the Sandisk Extreme Class 10 models) might need more power than that in order to operate.
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