Twin Cities Sweet Suite?
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Twin Cities Wedding Night Accommodations For Bride and Groom!

Looking for a great wedding night hotel room or suite in the Twin Cities for a couple who are having a civil ceremony in Minneapolis in March 2012.

Ideally, this would be something which would have some amenities which would be on a genuine luxury level for a grad student couple, whether that would be a spectacular view, in-suite hot tub, great atmosphere, etc.

We (the bank-rollers of this venture) don't have an unlimited budget, but are prepared to spend some money on this.

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On our wedding night, we stayed at the Hotel Palomar here in Philadelphia which totally fits all of your criteria. Assuming you don't want to travel to Philly after your ceremony, there is a Kimpton hotel in the Twin Cities, The Grand Hotel Minneapolis. Looking at a random Saturday night in March, it looks like nearly all of the rooms are sub-$250.

Our room was a gift from my wife's sister and brother-in-law, and was slightly more than we had planned to pay ourselves. But, in retrospect, that room—floor in the high teens, view of the city, huge jacuzzi soaking tub—was one of the highlights of the whole endeavor. It was well worth far more than what was paid, and we'd totally stay there again even if we had to pay for it.

tl;dr: don't skimp; it'll be worth splurging on even if you don't expect it to be.
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I have seen wedding parties every time I've been to the St. Paul Hotel (downtown St. Paul), and it feels very...swank. Their reservation system won't let me check rates, but they're definitely up there.

Graves 601 (downtown Minneapolis) is younger, maybe hipper, less "romantic" - design oriented.

For the RNC in 2008, they turned the Foshay tower (a visible downtown landmark) into a W Hotel, which could be kind of cool. Spendier than the Grand, though, which looks really neat!
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The Nicollet Island Inn is a 100+ year-old building, so rooms with hot tubs aren't likely, but it's got that historic charm thing going for it. The Island itself is one of my favorite parts of Minneapolis and offers great views of the skyline and the river, especially at night. Random March Saturday night rate looks to be ~$200-$250.
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I'd second the recommendation for the W. They did a great job renovating the lovely art deco skyscraper it is located in.

You might also check out The Chambers. The location is convenient and I've heard only good things about it.

This article has a review of The Chambers and a few of the others already mentioned. It's written with a nod to the business traveler, but mentions other amenities.
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Friends of mine just got married and stayed in the W and liked it quite a bit.
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