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Is there a list of common names used by RPGs to denote levels of power? Frequently used are Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, and Grandmaster, but I'm wondering if there are more.

Is there a list somewhere out there in internet land? I would like to see humorous/colorful lists as well, like "rat killer" or "head honcho", etc. Doesn't necessarily have to adhere to standards of the ol' hack and slash environment.

It also doesn't matter if this list is actually used in an existing game/RPG, just that it has more titles than the few I've listed above.

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List of Everquest class titles might be of some use.
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Ultima Online's skill title list, with the ones you've mentioned plus a few more. Here's the UO reputation title matrix - it's more good vs evil than straight skill.
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The AD&D 1E titles are a thing of beauty.
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Obligatory Nethack rank titles.
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Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup has a skill title list, too.
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Here are the profession titles from WoW.

And a related, crazy-long list from LOTRO.
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Fallout 3 and New Vegas have a bit more variety in theme from the classic fantasy motif. Freemasonry is also a great source for outlandish ranks.
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Best answer: Each class in Kingdom of Loathing has its own set of goofy rank names.
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The classic game Master of Magic used the following, in this order:

Hero, Myrmidon, Captain, Commander, Champion, Lord, Grand Lord, Super Hero, Demi-God
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Dragonrealms titles
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In World of Warcraft the guild titles/ranks are:

Guild Master

You can change them to other titles, but those are the basics.

My guild is Save the Murlocs! a non-profit organization with the following titles/ranks:

Fund Raiser
Board Member
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Response by poster: You all gave me exactly what I was seeking.

Thank you!!!
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Response by poster: (And incidentally, all of the links and lists above are great....I just had a special fondness for Kingdom of Loathing, thus I marked it as Best Answer.)
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