Converting a phone into a SPEAKER phone.
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Help me use my phone as a small office conference call solution (smartphone/android).

There are three of us in a smallish room and we have conference calls from time to time, and we all have smartphones. Mine has android and unlimited minutes, but putting it (the phone itself) on "speakerphone" mode is rather crappy and ineffective for many participants, its just not loud enough and the mic doesn't pick up all three of us around the phone. So, can anyone recommend something inexpensive-ish (doesn't have to be super fancy) that will let me use my cellphone? It needs to be able to be charged through a wall outlet OR connect directly to AC. it can use bluetooth or just plug in through the headset adapter port. Thanks!
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Response by poster: The problem with alot of car chargers is that they only come with a car charger adapter; I'd rather not buy another car charger > AC adapter if possible... Is there anything like a Bluetooth speakerphone that is actually marketed toward home use?
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Can you not just plug a set of computer speakers into the headphone jack? I guess that doesn't help you be heard, but in my experience on conference calls with my iPhone they can hear me fine, I just can't hear them.
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do you have a google voice number?

GV conference call
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Something like the Jawbone Jambox uses bluetooth, charges via USB.
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Best answer: I have the Blueant S4 car speakerphone. It's pretty good and charges via microUSB.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody!
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