Help me resurrect this novel?
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Forgotten-YA-Novel-Filter: Help me remember a book I read when I was in middle school. It involved a teenage girl, a church, and grave rubbings!

I remember reading a novel in middle- or early high-school about a young woman (teenage years I believe) who moved, possibly with her mother, to a new place. I can't remember if the book was actually set in Ireland, but I remember it that way-- somewhere very green, possibly an island. I also remember the girl discovered a church and began taking grave rubbings from the stones, and that this was a major part of the novel. It's quite possible that magic was involved somehow, as I do remember the protagonist sitting in a field contemplating something magical or spiritual at one point. I remember being fascinated with this book-- particularly the grave rubbings-- and I would love to find it again!

Thanks Metafilter!
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any time frame? when approx. did you read this?
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I don't know why, but I was reminded of "Wait till Helen Comes" when I read this question.
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Response by poster: Time frame for me reading it would be approximately between 1996 - 1999.
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don't have time to google at the moment, but I fell like this is familiar and I would have read it around the same time. I know I was reading a lot of lois duncan, christopher pike, and joan lowery nixon at the time, possibly it could be one of theirs?
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Arrrgh, I remember this. I'll try to see if I can find it.
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I don't suppose you remember any words in the title, or any names of any of the characters, or any words in the author's name? Could the book have been part of a series?
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Could it have been by R.L. Stine? I feel like I remember something similar to what you described... don't have time to google it now though.
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A Wizard Abroad by Diane Duane, from the Young Wizards series.
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Response by poster: It was definitely NOT R.L. Stine, as I disdained him to the extreme in my youth. It was also not Wizards Abroad, nor any of the authors fieri mentioned (as far as I can tell from a quick Googling.) I know the time period I read it was mid-nineties but I feel like the book might be older?

I don't remember a single thing about the title, author, etc., which I greatly regret. I do remember that if there was magic it was extremely subtle; and it may have had a purple cover. Thank you guys, I really appreciate your efforts!
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Sudden Impulse by Georgia M. Shewmake? Dog People by Merry Whiteford features a female protagonist and grave rubbing, but it's set in New England and no moving...
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This made me think of A Cry in the Night by Carol Ellis. I vaguely remember something about grave rubbings and a scene in a creepy old church (might have been a house). That's about all that I remember from it, sorry.
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