Where is this?
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Please identify this picture of a town build into/onto a great wall: City Wall/Wall City

I found it while Google Image Searching for something else, and now I'm curious about where it is! That is, if it's even real, and not a Photoshop.. (I can't tell by the pixels... ;) ) This being AskMe, I fully expect someone who lives in the structure to answer. Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Plugging it back into Google Images says that is is Sant'Agata de' Goti in Italy
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Wikimedia Commons also has some more picture of it (such as night shots) that you might like, and it looks like they're all big enough to make wallpapers out of.
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Incidentally, it looks like every single one of those photos is taken from this bridge.
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Response by poster: Three minutes! Thank you! And glad to know that you can plug it back into Google... I never knew that! Thanks!
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