Looking for wireless computer speakers
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Can anyone suggest reasonably priced, wireless, computer speakers that sound great?
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I wouldn't say they are great, but I have a couple of sets of these throughout the house. I have the transmitter plugged into my laptop.
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What is reasonably priced? We have a fantastic set that were $500, which is reasonable as a stereo replacement
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The three iHome iH1's we bought a couple months ago have made us very happy when combined with Airfoil. Any Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone in the house can send music or whatever (television audio, Skype calls) to any speaker in the place. It's very slick, and I am doing it to my other home next year as a result of said satisfaction. Not cheap but wow, they work very well.

(If you have any Macs or iDevices, you really want something AirPlay compatible rather than a one-off proprietary thing because it's so widely-supported and extensible. There are not many out yet, but here is a list of available ones.)
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