What dye could we use to replicate robin's egg blue on a chicken egg?
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What dye could we use to replicate robin's egg blue on a chicken egg?

This is pretty far in advance for Easter, but my sis-in-law are plan-aheaders. Instead of using the usual Paas dyes for our yearly Easter Egg dye extravaganza, we want to try to replicate the color of robin eggs. We were also thinking of getting small, blown out craft eggs and dyeing those too, for funsies and seasonal decor. We don't think Paas is up to the task, so are there other dyes out there that could accomplish the hue and saturation of a robin egg?
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Food coloring.
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Yeah just use food coloring. Here's a recipe and example with your Robin's Egg Blue. (You don't have to buy blown out eggs, by the way - they are really easy to blow out yourself. I use a pin and the mouth method.)
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If you want the speckles, dip a toothbrush in a very little brownish paint, and run your thumb along it near the egg to create a light spray pattern.
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For small eggs, quail eggs are usually available if you look around. Specialty shops like good butchers and chinese markets often have them.
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