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Okay, I just finished watching the H Stern release of Super 8 and I have two very basic questions. [spoilers inside]

I'm assuming that some of you have watched this already and I'd like to ask your opinion. What did the alien come for in the first case and why did it leave so easily?
Bonus: What part did the monochrome rubix cube really play, in that the full complement wasn't necessary.
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I thought that when the kids were reviewing the tapes and records in the abandoned school, that it was revealed that the alien ship had crash landed in the 50's (basically Roswell)... no guess on why they would be in our "neighborhood" to begin with. I could be remembering this wrong...

For the bonus - I would guess that with more rubix cubes, the alien would have been able to build larger, more complex devices. When it powered up the huge electromagnet - it was able to pull in most of the cubes, which was good enough to build the spacecraft.
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It was my understanding that it left easily because all it wanted to do was leave but it was prevented from doing so by the gov't. So once it had the chance it got the hell out.
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