The Thing One, The Thing Two
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The discussion on "The Thing" from here was interesting, and I finally managed to watch the 2011 "The Thing 0" movie. It was not as bad as a feared, and I liked how it connected well with Carpenters version. Any other connections? SPOILERS INSIDE obviously, you should have watched both 1982 and 2011 movies.

The metafilter post has been closed, so I can't continue there.

There were scenes that were blatantly shown to match with the 1982 version, like that of the axe in the door, the frozen suicide. (Did I miss the scene when he actually killed himself? They show him frozen, but I don't recall seeing him sit down in the chair), the "burned two-face melt" in the snow pit outside.

I think also that the ship which was initially buried in an ice-cave, was uncovered by the engines starting. Possibly the "sprite" (?) left at the ship location, but I don't remember if that is present in the 1982 version.

Did anyone else notice anything further? I felt what lacked a little in the 2011 version was the "who is 'it'", and "clues" left about who would be next (clothes etc). But I read someone's idea that the alien was initially more aggressive and confident, only to be more cautious (in 1982) after getting its "ass" kicked (in 2011).

What could be next? The Russian base? :)
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Best answer: The Things by Peter Watts
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Best answer: Outpost 31 is a great fan website with more information on The Thing. You'll probably love reading their FAQ, which is still being updated to take The Thing (2011) into account, and their forums are pretty lively.

I bet you'll find more than enough information to satisfy you there!
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Response by poster: Outpost 31 is clearly where I need to hang out, thanks.
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