Typography help! Help me identify this font.
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Typography help! Help me identify this font.


I've run it through the traditional online font identifiers with no luck. I'm hoping someone else can help me! I need the font from the Deposit Seed Co., though I suspect the Seeds at the top is the same font.
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Unless, I miss my guess: It's hand-drawn. The best you can hope is for something that looks similar -- it's very arts and crafts, and they were very into hand illustrating their own typefaces.
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My guess is that it's not a font, but that it was hand-drawn. Zoomed in, the es up top and Es below aren't identical — and I don't think it's just the jpeg compression.
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hand drawn.
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Dittoing hand-drawn—based on a comparison of the "S" characters in "Deposit Seed" in the bottom section.
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Definitely hand-drawn. Note that none of the E's in "Deposit Seed Co" are exactly the same.

If you want something sort of similar-looking, you could try Chesterfield, Belwe, or Italia.
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See also Display Art One, Victorian, Karolla, Ortem, and these.
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you could try a calligrapher
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