What inexpensive iconic British products can I use for a hamper?
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Looking for iconic British products, for a gift hamper.

I have drawn a dear friend, who loves all things British, as my Secret Santa recipient. Budget is around $15 Australian, so I thought I'd do a small gift basket with some iconic brands -not restricted to food, I already have some Fairy Liquid- and they need to be readily available in Australia, but she is on a strict gluten free diet. Any ideas?
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Heinz Baked Beans sound like a good bet - according to a quick Google, they're both gluten-free and available in Australia.

I guess Marmite might be another option, if you have that down there in Vegemiteville.
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Loose leaf tea, marmalade, an import tabloid mag, Terry's choc orange.
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Cadburys chocolate, Bovril, PG Tips tea, Ribena or Robinsons lemon barley dilutables.
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HP sauce, Branston pickle, dandelion and burdock drink (may be hard to find, not universally liked) a Mallory Towers novel.
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Branston pickle. Fairy liquid is a great choice, I buy it every time I'm in the UK. Sweets are good, and cheese is excellent, Ribena, orange squash, persil.
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Polo mints.
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Digestives and bourbons biscuits. Tunnock's tea cakes.
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POLO MINTS! She's a Mighty Boosh fan, that's a brilliant idea. These are all amazing suggestions, I think I will have to double the budget cause there's just too much awesome. You are all amazing.
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Pimm's? No idea what it costs in Australia, though.

Custard creams are, apparently, England's favourite biscuit.
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Given your budget I'd go with Trivia Newton John's suggestion, but if you can find them, a tabloid newspaper or ideally the Christmas edition of the Radio Times.

Cup of tea, bar of chocolate and something to read, sounds reasonable to me.
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Our local Coles has a British section - with a slightly weird selection of stuff (mostly food), including Piccalilli which should really test their British-ness.

Cadburys chocolate is a good idea but not sure if it counts as iconic since they make it in Australia also. The Australian stuff is quite different to the UK version - if you can get a UK bar of Dairy Milk then you could try a blind taste test.

Jaffa Cakes? Probably not gluten-free , but very British I think.

The BBC is a great UK brand - a one month subscription to iPlayer from Australia is $9.50.
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HP Sauce, Camp Coffee, Yorkshire Tea.
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Love Cadbury Street Chocolates! It comes in a great tin for the holiday and a popular gift. Horlicks! Of course, teas and biscuits. Believe it or not, curry!
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Robertsons marmalade
Black pudding
Pg, typhoo, Yorkshire teabags
Water biscuits
Gentlemen's relish
Quince paste
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Previously and previouslier.
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Salad cream!
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The gluten free is vital so a few of these can be ruled out but you have all given me a fantastic selection, I should be able to find lots of these easily. Thank you all for your excellent suggestions!
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I am aghast that Colmans mustard has not been mentioned.
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