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Ace of Cakes meets Gordon Ramsay... The question is, what would you name a bakery in rural Montana that creates unique, sculpted cakes? More inside.

After years of frustration in human services I have decided on a career change, as I have no formal training in food services (and of course the economy is terrible), I seem unable to locate a job in the industry, however I have a lot of ability and virtually no competition in the area. I'd like a quirky name for my new cake baking/sculpting business. My darling husband has called me the the Gordon Ramsay of baking due to my language usage while decorating the first cake I have made in nearly a decade! See attached pictures for recent cakes (turkey) (snowman)! Any suggestions and help would be appreciated, thanks!
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More Than Just the Frosting

Unique Yummies
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C * K E S !
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Now That's What I Call a *@!*ing Cake
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Fire and Icing
Confection Impossible
Sugar Momma
The Supreme Torte
The People's Torte
Gastronomical Strata
The Nine Layers
Los Gateaux National Laboratories
The (your-town's-name) Cakeitectural Institute
Gateaux 406
Big Sky Confections
Icing National Park
The Sucrose Whisperer
A Fudge Layer Runs Through It
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Sculpted Sugar
Sugar Art
The Art of Cake
The Heart of Cake
Cake At Heart
True Confections
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Best Damn Cakes
Hella Good Eatin
Cake Damn!
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Takes the Cake
Sweet Bakes
The Naughty Baker
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Sweet Streak
Sassy Sweets
Sweet Eff All
Flippin' Fine Cakes
The Sweet Grump
3D Bakery
Pop Up Bakery
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Pimp My Cake
Bitchin Cakes
Let Them Eat Cake
Cake Tart
Cutie Pie
Hell Yeah, Cake!
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Also, those are some sweet lookin cakes lady. I suddenly feel rather peckish...
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Having been through rural Montana on several occasions (really, the whole STATE is 'rural' except for in the middle of town and even then ... hello, Glendive ... ) I'd say stick with one of the more classical or funny names. Keep the 'language' references for ad slogans (and t-shirts, if you start doing well enough).

I like the Cakeitectural Institute name myself. Maybe add a 'Western Montana' to the beginning? (Or East, or whatever cardinal direction you're lurking in.)

Also, if you ever design a Portal-logo cake, I may have to hunt you down and kiss you.
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Big S Cakes

(You can pretend the "S" is short for "Sky")
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Not a name suggestion but I read an article recently advising new businesses to check that not just the domain name but also the Twitter user name (and any other social networking sites you plan to promote on) are available. Great cakes!
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Think positive and pick a name you don't mind repeating 50-75 times a day when you pick up the phone...

Damn Good Cakes
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I'd go simple: Creative Cakes. You'd only need a super clever name if you were in a market competing with a bunch of other bakeries.
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picking up on argonauta's suggestion: Big Sky Cakes
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Because practically the whole damn state was sculpted by them, their own fantastic shapes, and the connotations of frosting and icing:

Glacier Cakes.
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Petit406 (after petits fours)

But as much as I enjoy all of the fun names we're coming up with (True Confections, heh heh) I have to agree with Chowflap that, recalling my experiences of the population density in rural Montana (a friend I visited had to drive for a half hour to reach a gas station and an hour just to rent a VHS tape, back at the height of the VCR era) you probably should prioritize clarity and straightforwardness and pick a fairly generic name to market locally under. Your website and sales over the internet, however, deserve some pizazz!

In other advice... last night I was a bit tipsy and decided to see if an Oreo™ cookie would taste better if you dunked it in Irish Cream Whiskey instead of milk. It actually didn't taste very good but I think it would work much better baked into a cake or maybe as a topping decoration.
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So Fondant For You.
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Thanks for the ideas, and please keep them coming! My honey and I will be picking a name sometime this week, and Humph, we will be checking facebook and twitter availability and a very WOW website will also happen. I like the names that play off of sweet and sassy, Deej likes the ones that are very practical.

XMLicious, I really enjoy unusual cake combos (the turkey was layers of Cranberry almond with layers of Pumpkin Spice and the snowman was pineapple upside down cake) so I will happily try out an Irish cream frosting and oreo combo if I can talk someone into buying it! The next cake will be Chocolate with creme de menthe filling and Eggnog with almond butter cream filling (obviously holiday themed).

Also, minor note, Heretical is correct, all of Montana is rural, but we do live in Billings which by Montana standards is "city life". Anything "Big Sky" related would just get lost in a huge pile of similar named companies. (I'd wager a portal logo cake would be a "cakewalk", but getting Deej to move over so you can give me a kiss would be virtually imposible!)

Once again thank you and please keep em coming! =D
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Asterisk Cakes (the * is bleeping out a choice curse word, though of course only you would know this...)

Bonus: easy logo!
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Heh...when you said "rural" Montana, I thought you were talking about, oh, maybe Jordan or White Sulphur Springs or even Lewistown - but Billings, yep, that's "big city!"

Agree with not using "Big Sky" - everybody uses that here.

You could play on Billings' nickname of "The Magic City" with "Magic Bakery" or "Magic Creations" etc...
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