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Group A create a file and post it to location X on a shared server. Group B need to know immediately when this file is available at location X. It seems crazy that in order for Group B to know when the file is ready, Group A have to send a delivery email as well as post the file. Is there any way an automated notification can be sent when a file is posted to a folder?
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I use Dropbox and it does a dandy job!
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Can you use a different server? Dropbox will do this if you have the client installed- it'll pop up a small notification for each file uploaded/received which makes collaboration super fast.
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What operating system? If it's linux you could make a shell script using inotify. If it's not, you can make a script (in whatever scripting language is available on your server) that polls the directory occaisonally looking for new files, and emailing the person when it's there. I'd probably use python or perl or something if bash wasn't available (and it usually is, you can get cygwin for windows, for example)
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Also depending on how the file is "posted" you could also probably make a script that posts and sends the email for you in one step.

I'd be happy to help you work out the details of how you'd do any of the above if you need it.
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For Linux inotify + cronjob = incron.
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Automator can be used to set up a script that runs when Group A drags a file onto a folder (such as a folder on a network share). The script could fire off an email to Group B when activated.
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My workplace uses SharePoint and it has customizable notification settings.
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For enterprise Windows environments, ActiveBatch works great. We'll need to know more information on this however, in particular what OS your workstations and fileservers are running. From there you can have a custom script (vbs, powershell, csh, apple, etc) or a commercial solution that watches a folder for changes, and once triggered, and acts upon those changes. Very doable, but will have to be tailored to your environment.
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If this is a nix server then cron job's are the way to go.
Even on windows servers I'm sure there's some kind of a built in scheduler/script feature.
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