Backwards inflation calculator?
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I'm looking for an accurate inflation calculator that will tell me how much a certain sum in today's dollars would be worth in any particular year over the past 30 years. For example, if I have $1000.00 USD today, what would be the equivalent monetary value in 1982? Or 1993?
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Did you try this? Even though it says "initial year" and "final" year, you can just swap them and it gives you what you're looking for.
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The Mpls. Fed's "What's a Dollar Worth?" calculator does this.
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there's roughly a million inflation calculators online, here's the first google hit -- just put 2011 as the year you bought something, and some other year as the one you want to know about
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I always use Wolfram Alpha for this - the search strings for historical value (and vice versa) are listed here.
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has one too.
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(Actually all of these links rely on the same set of data, the Consumer Price Index, compiled monthly by the BLS.)
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This one has a couple of variations on the CPI data and some other break-outs, notably one indexed specifically to medical inflation.
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Should read medical costs inflation.
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