Did Seether save someone's life?
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Looking for a story about the song "Fine Again" by Seether and a depressed teenager.

I'm trying to find a story that I read about the song "Fine Again" by Seether. The details I remember: It was presented as true, it might have been about a letter that the band received from the parents of a teenager, this teenager was suicidal (or an addict). I can't remember whether the conclusion was that the teenager survived or not, but the parents were thanking Seether for helping their child during the struggle. The family might have been from South Africa, and I'm almost positive I read it online.

I'm thinking that I read this between 3-6 years ago, but I'm not sure.

My search efforts so far have failed, so I'm hoping you all can either help me find the story, or, through an inability to verify it, finally help me realize that I hallucinated reading about it.
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Best answer: Here's a profile of Seether that mentions the story. I doubt that this is the original source (see how freely the article quotes from a Rolling Stone article earlier.)

The overdose story is also contained in a Seether biography that is regurgitated on a couple of hundred sites. The bio claims to have come from the official Seether site, so maybe that's true -- or it was true in 2002.
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Response by poster: Thanks seabound_coast! It may be apocryphal, but at least now I know I wasn't hallucinating.
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