Ski store/outlet in Berkshires? Adirondacks? Catskills?
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Help me find a ski equiptment store I remember from my childhood in the Catskills or Berkshires or Adirondacks?

I remember going to a ski store that looked like a barn.
They carried both downhill and x-country gear.
They had a pond with ducks and barrels full of free apples.

It had a basement that had discount gear... does this sound familiar?
Does it still exist? I now need gear and would love to go back to that store because I have such fond memories of it from my childhood.
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Was it Potter Brothers in Kingston, NY? I don't know about ducks and apples but it looks kind of like a barn.
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It's an old stone house, not a barn, and they don't have a pond, but they do give out cider, apples and other goodies, so maybe it's Kenver, Ltd. in South Egremont, Massachusetts (between Great Barrington and Catamount Ski Area)? They do have a basement with markdowns and used equipment.

Also, looking at Google Maps, it looks like there's a place called Red Barn Antiques as well as a pond, both just down the street. Is it possible you've put them all together in your memory?
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