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Logofilter: Yesterday I was making a website/business card logo for a friend - but I kept getting this nagging feeling that part of the logo was familiar somehow, and it's driving me crazy . . .

A ten-second mockup with name changed:

The part that concerns me is the house bit on the right side - something in the back of my brain swears I've seen it before somewhere and this being a friend's newfound pride and joy the very last thing I want is to get him screwed with a trademark or logo dispute.

My first thought as to what it might be was Century 21, but their logo doesn't look like the mockup. Google Image Search on "house logo" and "roof logo" turns up this generi-logo and not much else.

Has anyone seen something similar to the mockup?
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It looks rather familiar to me but I couldn't place it. Here is a logo somewhat similar in concept.

Here are some logo resources that might help in your search:
Best Brands of the World
Clever logos
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Another similar logo:

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A quick'n'dirty GIS for "roof logo", "remodeling logo", "house logo", and "building logo" came up with these:
Climate Conservation - closest I found
Cedar Roof
Roof Crafters
Bob Piva Roofing
Osslund Roofing
Denver Home Remodeling
Sweeny Construction

In any case, it seems like it's a common enough idea that you don't need to worry about it.
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Sort of reminded me of the Fraiser logo-thing when I first glanced at it
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Something seems kind of familiar to me, too... but, like derbs, I get a television kind of feeling. Any TV shows that might have something similar? Or am I just having a brain fart?
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Home Improvement?
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First Franklin is kinda close.
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Curb Appeal

both use logos that incorporate a house roofline. But I think it is a very common symbol.
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More somewhat similar logos with roof elements, but none are famous, so they are not what any of us may be trying to recall.

Web Builders
Cory Barten
Wilmington Realty
Central Realty
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yes, derbs is right. And it is close to the century 21 logo. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it, I don't think it's close enough to warrant any legal problems.
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It reminds me of a Monopoly house.
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It's *very* familiar. Not just the shape, but the color. Bank? This is driving me crazy.
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It looks familiar because it's a cliché. Probably half the home remodeling/ real estate/ mortgage companies in the world use a house as part of their logo, so one more is bound to seem familiar. It's so common that a trademark infringement case is highly unlikely.

I don't think it's a bad thing -- as a business, your client probably wants to come off as friendly and familiar to his customers.
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For some unfathomable reason, I'm reminded of the Six Feet Under episodes where Ruth enrolls in "The Plan."
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Someone without a MeFi account was kind enough to message me the following on AIM:

Bluth Logo apparently from Arrested Development.

I'd say that First Franklin, the above, and the HGTVPro.com logos are are the top three in similarity, and my friend suggested a good variation on the same basic idea as the mockup that should differentiate it enough.

Thanks a ton for all the help I got on this one - best answers went to the closest two, but I really appreciate everyone's answers. You guys rock!
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The Bluth company is definitely not something you want your business to be identified with - unless you are planning on building palaces for Saddam Hussein.
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Add a ladder up the side of the house.
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