Suggestion for a small photocopier?
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I'm looking for suggestions on a desktop photocopier, to be used in a very small office.

We've tried a few all-in-one printer/scanner/copier deals, but have found their speed and price-per-page to be lacking. Something with a service record that doesn't completely stink (like a xerox we used to have) would also be a boon.
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I think the one I have is by Canon, or maybe not, but its way old and out of date so it doesn't really matter. What I did want to suggest, though, is that you don't get one where the lid slides back and forth while the copy is being made. Mine does that, and it knocks stuff over every time. I hate it.
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I second that -- if you've got a very small office, you really don't have room for a model that does what spilon describes; it takes up a tremendous amount of space.
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I have an older version of this Canon. I make about 10 copies a month and I store it verically unplugged on a shelf. It does have the sliding lid, but because I make so few copies I just put it on a table and have no issues.
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I use a Lexmark X83 at work. It doubles as a printer and a scanner. Making photocopies is pushbutton easy, but it just quickly scans and then prints the page as a copy.
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