Fun activities and clothes shopping in Malaysia?
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I'm in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. What are some fun activities and places I can visit? Also where can I shop for cheap, good quality clothing?

I'm staying near Kuala Lumpur for a few days. I'm here to shop for clothing (winter and normal)
What are some fun and interesting activities for me to do while I'm here? I'm interested in the culture as well as having a fun time here. Lastly, where can I shop for quality cheap clothes?
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take an afternoon to explore Lakes Gardens Park, its lovely :)
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The P Ramlee Memorial. He was a famous actor and singer. Sorry in a bit of a rush but well worth checking out despite my feeble links.
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(back briefly) For clothing, check out the shops in the malls that are "export clothing" ie clothes made in Malaysia for The Gap or similar US stores. They are a bit basic looking, like an outlet store.
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If you want to check out the view from the Petronas Towers skybridge, get there early- not later than 8am. It's neat.
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Culture: The National Mosque is very beautiful and interesting. I see from your profile that you're male but if you are travelling with any women make sure that they cover their shoulders, legs and bring a scarf to cover their hair if they want to go inside.

Clothing: Chinatown Market (Petaling Street) is fun, but the clothes vary in quality. I'm not sure where you're staying, but it's pretty close to the Maharajalela stop on the monorail.
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I loved Gua Madu, up on the north edge of town. Bring bananas for the monkeys :)
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Last I was in KL I did a segway tour, which was great fun. They leave from near the national museum (which is also worth a look).
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I think I have raved about it here before, but the Museum of Islamic Art is one of my favorite museums ever. I admit that I like the art in general because there is a lot of geometry and calligraphy, but other things that stood out about this museum include the wide geographic range of source material from places we (or at least I) don't think of at first, like China, pacific island nations, and Central Asia. Besides art-art, they have a fantastic collection of traditional costumes (my favorites are the Tajik) and dioramas of "typical" mosques around the world at different ages. All of this is well-explained in English signage, with just the right amount of text. HIGHLY recommended. Plus, it is near the orchid gardens and some other things.

I also liked the National Mosque (as mentioned, they'll lend you a robe if you are not covered as they like). The Petronas Towers I did not find to be worthwhile.
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@Meatbomb, AFAIK Gua Madu is in Borneo; I think you mean Batu Caves, which is north of KL and features many monkeys. It's a Hindu museum set into a cave, and is certainly worth a half day trip or so. As for shopping, you could get lost in MidValley City for days; but try Sungei Wang in Bukit Bintang, too. Nthing the Islamic Art Museum.
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Ah, sorry, Batu Caves, yeah.
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We stayed at Sunway Lagoon Resort, Petaling Jaya. Which had a large pool/water-slide thing, and an amusement park, large shopping mall, with lots of shops and restaurants (nandos!!). Plus ice skating, bowling, archery...
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