Find me matching shoes, please!
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Help me find shoes to match this dress.

I'm going to see Harry and the Potters at the Yule Ball on December 9th, and I need shoes to go with my awesome vintage dress. I can't really walk in heels, so flats or a low heel would be preferred, and I'm thinking a pointy toe would increase the overall witchiness of the outfit. I'm also planning to make a matching mini witch hat fascinator. I kind of want to do silver shoes and a silver hat-- is that my best bet? What else would work?
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I think these low gold heels would look nice. I know you said silver but it might look a bit matchy. Note: I know nothing about Harry and the Potters or the Yule Ball, but the dress is indeed awesome.
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I would vote for a color, as that pewter is going to be No Fun to match.

Red gets my vote. You can search most shoe websites by size and color.
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How long is the dress on you? I was thinking ballet flats with that voile ribbon/lace that wraps up your legs a bit. Similar to this, but not pink.
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These aren't flats but the chunky heels should make them comfortable to walk in.
I like the buckle on these.
And these seem kind of magical.
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DSW has these.
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A kitten heel would work to give you that low-heel-pointy-toe thing - how about these? I think it's also worth considering a fabulous dark red patent as well.
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Response by poster: The dress is in fact pale silvery-blue, for the record, and the velvet trim a darker blue. Sorry if the picture was misleading.
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Another vote for red/red patent. Fantastic dress!
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Best answer: Sorry, I thought the dress was black and silver/pewter. You didn't mention budget.

Silver kitten heels
Sling back silver low heels
Silver low heels

Pricey but cute
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posted by shoesietart at 7:15 PM on November 23, 2011

Something like this, maybe in dark brown. The chunky heel shouldn't be too hard to walk in.

These are really cute.

These are kind of what came to mind when I first looked at the dress. Something girly with a little bow. Have fun with color!
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Response by poster: Ooh, those kitten heels are promising, shoesietart. I had been frustratedly googling dance web sites for silver character shoes up to now, so this is much less annoying.
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Best answer: Harry and the Potters! Yule Ball! Silvery blue! So jealous!

Obviously you need to just go properly Ravenclaw, thus, bronze. Do antiqued brass and copper accessories. This will make the blues all seem bluer.

These shoes are named Luna.
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I think these in silver would look fabulous:
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What's your budget? Something Funky! I like red as well.

Would you consider something like this? Aerosoles are very comfortable. There are lots on sale! These are so cute!

Have fun!!!
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Best answer: Oooh, these in sparkly pewter, or these in pewter-bronze leather.

I'm kind of becoming a fan of the dress bootie as well, which could add some whimsy to the gown. These would probably be one-hit wonders, but would look really fun with the dress. These, from Old Navy (yes! I have a pair!) come in a nice suede gray or black. They have a cute pair of silver metallic pointy toe flats, too.

For flats, these pink bow flats from Urban Outfitters would look sweet and party-appropriate. These sparkly skimmers come in orange and silver, both of which would suit the dress (I really dig the orange, but the silver would look nice too).

Here's an inexpensive, simple silver (or gold) flat from UO, too. Also: glitter flats in silver and other colors. This pointy-toe patent teal number might work for you too.
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I could see that dress going really well with a deep blue kitten heel. suede would match the velvet nicely, too. Also, a funky accesory in the same blue, like a necklace or oversized ring. Or a blue velvet choker. The pointy-toe patent teal shoes linked to above would be awesome, too.
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Bright red awesome shoes.
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Best answer: One more pair: silver mary janes.
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Response by poster: Elizeh, those are PERFECT. Not pricey, adorable, and I'll wear them with other stuff after the party. Ordering them now!
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