3 musketeer desserts
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What are some Amazingly Awesomely delicious desserts to make that involve 3 musketeer bars?

My girlfriends birthday is approaching and I would like to make her something delicious involving her favorite candy- 3 musketeers! What types of desserts can I make that involve or taste like a 3 musketeer bar?
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You could cut up the pieces and blend them into rice krispies treats or cheesecake.

You could also press the fun sized ones into/onto sugar cookies (like hershey's kiss thumbprint).

It's the texture that might get lost in translation.
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So impossibly easy and so ridiculous delicious, and can be made with Three Musketeers instead of Snickers, but add a few delicious walnuts or peanuts for a good sweet/salty mix: Snickers and Apple Salad. p.s. do not get confused by the word "salad" - the primary ingredient in this recipe is whipped cream.
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You could do a variation on the rolo cookie, only with 3 musketeers (nomnomnomnom).
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Buy bag of "fun size" 3 musketeers bars. Open. Chop bars up into pieces. Fold into soft, high-quality vanilla ice cream. Enjoy ensuing adoration.
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Years ago for a friend's birthday, I made her Better Than Sex cake, which was basically chocolate cake drenched in a layer of sweetened condensed milk, then a layer of hot caramel, then a layer of hot fudge, then a layer of cool whip, and then Twix pieces.

I imagine you could adapt this to have a Three Musketeers rather than a Twix/Caramel theme. I'd suggest taking away the caramel (even though it'd be so tasty, it wouldn't fit the theme) and replacing the cool whip with a homemade chocolate nougat cream. Top it with little Three Musketeers pieces and you're good!

Then when you've emerged from your sugar coma you can test out whether the cake lives up to its name. :)
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Deep fry it.
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The 3 Musketeers people have some suggestions.

I can't say I've had a dessert that involved 3Ms before myself. I'd be temped to do a parfait myself --- a thin layer of chocolate ganache for the bottom, some chopped up candy bar chunks for the middle, and whipped cream mixed with a little cocoa powder and malted milk powder for the top.

Might have to go to a like while foods or something for the malted milk powder, but ganache, for all its fancy frenchness, is just chocolate melted with just enough cream so that when it cools it's a fudge-y consistency. Dead easy to do, taste will be pretty close, and it'll look fancy as fuck.
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Candy cookie cake!
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When making a candy bar vodka the instructions I've followed have used a Milky Way bar, giving it a caramel flavor, but it would work just as well with 3Musketeers. The thick sweet vodka basically *is* the finished cocktail, just put cocoa or melted chocolate on the rim of the martini glass and pour it in there. Add a slice of candy bar on a toothpick/skewer for garnish. If that's a bit too straight-up sugary and/or alcoholic for you, dilute with whole milk.
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