Reference management for web-based collaboration
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What reference management options exist for Google Docs? Failing that, what other web-based collaboration tools offer reference management, either built-in or by extension via plug-in?
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Reference management is a new term to me, but I have used the footnote feature successfully in Google Docs. There's a good discussion here. Based on that, looks like if you use the old version of Google Docs you can use WizCite.
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Thanks, but I'm definitely not looking for footnotes. WizCite looks interesting, but we are all using the current ("new") version of Google Docs.
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Mendeley looks interesting. Mendeley. The tool appears at first glance to be what you want, though they don't appear to have direct Google Docs integration.
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Mendeley is awesome, but may not be exactly what you are looking for. I've used Zotero in the past and liked it, and it appears to have some ability to intergrate with Google Docs. I've never tried it, but I've heard good things about Zoho Writer and can be used with WizCite.
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These solutions seem more or less equivalent to using MS Word and EndNote, posting the updated, reformatted results to the web on a periodic basis. I was looking for something a bit more direct, which a few people seem to have asked for from Google since 2009, but it does not yet appear to exist. One day, maybe. Thanks for your help.
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People really want it for Mendeley too.
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LaTeX Lab is a Google Docs interface to LaTeX. It supposedly offers the ability to upload BibTeX but I can't get it to work.
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