Trans support in Austin, TX?
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I am looking for a Trans support group and/or therapist in Austin, TX. I have used the googles, but many of the resources listed are woefully out of date.

I even tried to email some of the old suggested resources to no joy. For reference, not out as trans, FTM, anywhere in Austin is fine. Even just social gatherings might be useful, however, I do need support more than social at this point. The only solid current resource I know is for a doc, Kate Wanstrom. Hope me?

Throwaway email at
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Yes, Waterloo is wonderful.
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One piece of semi unrelated advice- you can use the advance search feature on google- it's on the left hand side- to restrict your search to information posted in the last 24 hrs, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year etc. I find that so many websites are out of date that I usually always use that feature.
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I just messaged a transgender friend of mine who's native to San Antonio. Let me see if she knows anything.
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Just sent out a message to my community. Will post if I get any good information.
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Violet Crown Counseling is where I have been going for a couple of years. They are really cool. Msg me if you like. My therapist there used to be the director of Waterloo several years ago IIRC.
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I heard back from my friend. She suggested Transgender Education Network of Texas as a place to start. Good luck.
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