Looking for tips on 3g tablets that support PPP
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tabletfilter: Suggestions for a 3g/wifi tablet that supports PPTP?

Also, what is the best Vnc client for tablets that you are aware of?
Thanks in advance for any tips.
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Response by poster: (preview fail! I'm interested in PPTP. although of course that probably requires PPP as well :-)
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Best answer: Both iOS and Android support PPTP VPNs, so take your pick of an iPad or Android tablet (if it's running the full OS, not like a Kindle or Nook or something heavily customized like that).

If you need 3G, the iPad will probably be less hassle, since you can just buy one of the 3G models off the shelf and activate the service on a month to month basis right from the device, while for a 3G Android tablet you'll probably have to go directly to a carrier and get it subsidized with a contract and all that entails.

As for a VNC client, I'm not sure. iSSH on the iPad has VNC, RDP, and X11, but I only use ssh so I have no clue how good they are.
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Response by poster: Is this true for android 2.1 as well?
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3mendo: My memory is that 2.1 had VPN support but I have no way to check right now. I certainly would advise against anything still running 2.1 today though, both for age/performance reasons and because of app compatibility.
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Best answer: Android has had PPTP support for a long time - I'd say going back to 1.5. It can be wonky. Some phone manufacturers (especially Droids) have in the past compiled PPP wrong so that it can't do encryption. Sorry, I don't have any specific reports for tablets.

iOS has been good for PPTP, but less so for L2TP/IPsec.

I work for a VPN provider -- feel free to ask me anything else.
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Best answer: EEE Pad Transformer 2. Here's the current version. Tablet + keyboard.
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