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I own the M*A*S*H - Martinis and Medicine Complete Collection. Along with all of the DVDs is a thick booklet that lists all of the episodes. I've misplaced that particular part of the box set and I'm wondering if anyone knows how I can go about getting another copy of that? Is there some way I can contact the company(Fox) that produces this box set and offer to pay? Or is this something that I should just accept as lost?
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FWIW, all the episode summaries came directly from The Complete Book of MASH. It's a pretty good book, that has a lot of the same photos. If you strike out on gettng a replacement, that should fit the bill.
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Yeah, I think it's more of just have that little booklet and knowing my collection is complete. It's very OCD of me, but I'm annoyed that I lost it.
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