How to get all my contact info in 1 place?
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How to get all my contact info in 1 place? How do I grab contact info across networks like FB, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. and update & sync with Google Contacts?

I just did the massive exercise of updating my addressbook. I primarily use Google Contacts but it mostly had only phone numbers. I exported the Individual CSV files from Linkedin & other networks and then through Excel did the usual lookups to sort of match Contacts and update their phone numbers and job profiles.

I don't want to be doing this manually every 6 months and am looking for an option where the contact info like Phone Numbers, Birthdays, Job profiles, Email Addresses, Twitter handles etc. are fetched from my other networks for any new contact I add.
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Don't most smartphones (iPhone/Android) allow you to do this? Android phones will also sync with Facebook. I have never allowed Facebook to access my personal address book on my iPhone (because I don't trust the bastards), but I think it works, at least one-way. As far as I know in iOS 5 Twitter is baked in too. And I know that the Apple products on the desktop will sync with Google contacts, and back to the phone again.

Don't know about on Windows, I gave up ever getting my address book working on that platform years ago because every available solution required me to use Outlook, which I despise, and I resented that Microsoft forced a paid solution to what should have been built-in behavior. This may or may not have improved since then.

So one solution is to replace your current phone and computer with an iPhone and a Mac. But this is probably not the answer you are looking for.
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My SE Android phone has something called Timescape which does this. Never used it though.
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IFTTT might help you in the future, if not the present.
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mosy smartphones do this. You might also look at Rapportive which duplicates upcoming gmail functionality ahead of yime.
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