Cloud-based inventory management sites?
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Basic, cloud-based inventory management and control system for vendors to update stock levels?

Looking for a very basic inventory mgmt system that will allow (10-15) vendors to update SKU quantities (approx 40-50 items but core product = 5 items) each week . . . i.e., not a ton of data.

My desire here is to move away from (me!) chasing down existing inventory levels via email/phone--moving this task to the cloud would accomplish this. Bonus points for info on establishing and maintaining run rates or auto-generating invoices to fill inventory to appropriate levels.

Basic cloud-based software and/or sites reviewing small/midsized business inventory management models would be helpful.

Cost not really an obstacle or consideration.

I'm fairly green on this subject so pardon my ignorance if there's an easy answer here!

Thanks . . .
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There are so many ways of doing these.

The most lightweight and cheapest solution is to create online forms using Google Docs, Wufoo, JotForm, etc and allow vendors to submit a new form each time. Ok, so the data won't be connected to an actual inventory system but at least you don't have to phone people, right?

The thing is, any inventory system in the cloud would kinda require that some of your it systems would be in the cloud or at least be regularly synchronized in order to be useful. So unless your sales/accounting/whatever system has some kind of sync, you might now want a real inventory system.
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More form builders.
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If you're looking for something more sophisticated, take a look at SalesBinder.
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