Good Fantasy Critiques
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Can anyone help me find good online critiques of fantasy? Tropes and cliches, characterizations, books, etc.

I really love Limyaael's fantasy rants. Where can I find more like this? I am familiar with various forums like ASOIAF forum or TOR, but you have to wade through a lot of overwrought fan defenses to get to good critiques. Forum recommendations are fine though, especially a good thread within a forum. The more in-depth the better! Critiques of specific books, re-occuring problems in the genre, this is what I love and if anyone can help me waste hours more time when I could be doing something productive I'd appreciate it.
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You've already read Michael Moorcock's "Epic Pooh," right?
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You do know about TVTropes, don't you?
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.... I came in here all eager to suggest Limyaael. Dammit. That said, you might likeThe Tough Guide To Fantasyland by Diana Wynne Jones, which I WISH I'd had when writing Villains By Necessity...
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Seconding the Tough Guide to Fantasyland - it's very funny, and very sharp.

(Diana Wynne Jones also wrote "The Dark Lord of Derkholm", which is about a fantasy world being used as a tourist destination for people from a dimension-hopping elite who want to play at being fantasy heroes - hugely fun and again very sharp.)
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Asking the Wrong Questions does a fair amount of fantasy critique.
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Thanks for recommending the Tough Guide and The Dark Lord. Was looking for something more substantial than TV Tropes so marked the type of thing I was looking for that is available online.
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