Would a Crucial RealSSD 128GB SSD 2.5" hard drive work with a new Macbook Pro a1286?
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Would a Crucial RealSSD 128GB SSD 2.5" hard drive work with a new Macbook Pro a1286 model?

Someone is offering the SSD for cheap, and Googling around, I cannot tell if they're compatible. The sale runs out in less than an hour so I'm trying to get confirmation before spending the money. Kind of a hardware dummy. Thanks!
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It's a SATA drive and the computer is new, so it takes SATA drives. It's a 2.5" drive and a laptop takes 2.5" drives. It's a modestly-sized drive so it's not going to be too thick to fit, like some drives might be.

Lots of people are using that laptop drive in their laptops, so I think you'll be fine using it in yours.
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Should be fine. I've got a Crucial m4 (one generation later) in my brand-new MBP and it's almost comically fast; I can't see any reason why the C300 RealSSD wouldn't work. Go for it!
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It'll be fine but you might not have TRIM support. I believe there is a kernel hack floating around to enable TRIM on non-apple drives. TRIM is only on later OSes (10.6+? I'm not sure).
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That's a cruddy model.

Newegg is having a 15% sale right now on a lot of OCZ drives right now (see here for details). I recommend checking out the Agility 3 or Vertex 3. Some of their drives were mired with early SandForce bugs, but with the latest firmware these are are the sweet spot of the 2.5" market right now.

Or if you wait until next week OCZ is launching a brand new drive called the Octane which might be the best mix of speed, price and reliability if the initial claims hold up. Octane features brand new controllers from Indilinx (not SandForce).

I am biased towards OCZ. They are the best value proposition. There are other good brands like Crucial but you need to pay up for the M4 or avoid.
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chairface has the issue to focus on. We actually had a 512GB M4 that was blazingly fast, and then would totally freeze for a minute or so whenever it had to write any real data to the drive. The hack to enable TRIM support (and then a firmware update on the drive) took care of that problem. TRIM support is not enabled by default on any non-Apple SSD, even on 10.7 / Lion.
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Seconding jameslavelle, get the m4 or the vertex 3.
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I am a firm believer in OWC drives for mac, partially because of their customer support. While they can be slightly more expensive OWC is committed to making firmware updates accessible to Mac owners and the drives, generally speaking are rock solid and come with a phenomenal warranty.

You do not need trim on many drives, many manufacturers frustrated with the adoption of TRIM and its overall efficacy for drive life implemented wear leveling schemes and clean up routines that operate on the drives independently of the overlaid operating system.

The model you reference for the MBP covers a range of MBP's, if it's one of the latest generation you'll want to make sure you get a SATA3 capable drive, but it may only achieve it's true performance in the main drive bay if you're thinking of swapping it in for the SuperDrive, it may not get the full benefit of SATA3 performance.

There are going to be a ton of SSD's on sale over the next couple of weeks. OWC through newegg is having a sale right now, and there is just more to come. Don't feel like you have to make a purchase RIGHT NOW to secure a price per gig. It's just going to come lower and lower.
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