Pet Hair On Clothes Is BAD
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I need a great, non-refillable lint brush.

We have hairy pets. Even putting wet clothes in the dryer doesn't get all the fur off of them. (I do groom the pets, feed fish oil to decrease shedding, clean the floors, etc.) I have bought all those sticky, rolly types of lint brush, and none of them do a very good job. I also bought the 3M pet brush with refills, and that didn't work, either. Refills get expensive. I'd rather buy a quality, non-refillable brush for a substantial amount of money than to keep throwing good money after bad on crap.

So, expensive but highly functional lint brushes? Anybody?
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I have hairy pets too and I'm not as diligent as vacuuming and cleaning as you are. That being said, 3M lint rollers are crap. The only sticky lint rollers that are worth a shit are the ones from Evercare and you can buy them at Target. I buy either the extra sticky or the ones that specify that they're for pet hair. One sheet of the Evergreen roller is equal to about 3 or 4 from 3M. If you want something non disposable, you need to get one of those double sided red lint brushes. Something like this. They're pretty good at removing hair but depending on the type of hair and the type of fabric, it may not get all of it but it will get most of it. I usually use the red lint brush first and then finish up with a sticky roller (if needed) to ensure non Crazy Cat Lady status.
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I actually like the 3M rollers, but I buy the jumbo size in packs of 5 at Costco. The 5 pack is cheaper than 2 rolls anywhere else here. My memory could be completely failing me, but I swear I didn't pay more than $9 for the 5-pack; unfortunately it's not always available when I'm there, so usually buy a couple packs at a time. Your Costco may vary, of course.

I hate, hate, hate any sort of lint-removal system that I have to clean, or even refill, as I am an extremely lazy crazy cat lady. These work well for me and my three cats.
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I've never found an effective lint brush, but if you're open to other suggestions, here's what works for me: disposable rubber gloves. You may already have some for cleaning the kitty litter box.

Put a glove on, wet it slightly, and rub the fabric with firm strokes. Keep your palm at roughly a 30 degree angle so you have some surface area but are pressing in with the far edge of your hand (the pinkie side). Any fur that doesn't fly off will roll together so you can easily remove it.

This technique is also great for de-furring large areas, like sofas, though you may have to stop and re-wet the glove a couple of times. I don't know why, but the little bit of water makes it work.
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I was a rubber glove user (lazy catlady here) and started to wonder why no one made rubber bristled brushes. Then I found them. Now I sell them. Memail me.
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Well, I'll be trying all of these. Thank you!
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We have a keeshond, so there's always tons of hair everywhere. These things are fantastic for furniture, and good on some clothes. The only problem is that they're meant to be disposable, which is insane. we have hacked ours with duct tape so you can open and shut the receptacle, and they haven't given out yet. But we do still use the sticky tape for clothes when necessary. Anything sticky will do, by the way. You can take masking tape (or even scotch tape) and make a sticky-part-out loop around your hand and take off most hair from clothes for a fraction of the cost of a lint roller sheet.
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This rubber bristle brush works really well on upholstery, jeans, pants and outerwear. It's not the best on lighter tshirts for some reason, but it does a great first pass, and a quick swipe of the sticky lint rollers catches the rest. They make a rubber bristle broom/mop thing too, and it works super well for carpets and floors!
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This sponge has worked for us. It's better on low-pile items. My dog's hair works its way into nubbly textiles, and only vacuuming with the brush attachment works on that sort of thing.
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I have a velvet (?) brush like this that also works well. I swear I've had it since I was a kid.

Also, giant roll of packing tape. Take piece of tape, turn inside out and wrap around hand.
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