Facebook profile to fan page conversion
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I am converting a personal profile page into a fan page for someone. I have a question about how this will affect another Page this person is an admin for. Help!

I have downloaded the archive of her profile and am getting ready to use the tool provided by Facebook to convert from profile to page. I've read up on it and know everything that will be retained or lost, except one thing. This person is one of three admins for the Facebook Page of a non-profit organization. Once her profile is converted and she's no longer a person (according to Facebook), will anything happen to the Page she is an admin for? Just when I was about to pull the trigger, Facebook warned me:

You are about to migrate your profile to a Page. This process is not reversible and you will not be able to access the following:

624 Photos
1,855 Wall Posts
10 Apps
3 Owned Groups

I realize that nowhere in here are Pages mentioned, but it's important I don't accidentally, you know, delete an organization's Facebook page. So I am double-checking.

Bonus question: will she be able to admin the non-profit's page as a public figure/fan page?
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A business account can. Is that what you're converting to? Maybe that's more of means to an answer to your bonus question.
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Yeah, that's more of an answer to the bonus question. Also, a business account is right for this particular situation -- she needs the functionality of a fan page. But thank you!
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I just noticed that you said she's one of 3 administrators - in that case, you're totally safe. I delete Facebook accounts that administer pages every now and then, and all I do is add in another administrator to the things I want to keep. When her account is gone, the other two will still own the page.
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I ended up removing her as an admin just in case before I did the conversion and all was well. The answer to the bonus question turned out to be "no."

Thank you for your help, Nonsteroidal!
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