Waxed Canvas
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Can you help me find a source for waxed canvas?

I've been looking all over for a source to buy waxed canvas fabric. It seems like there must be places to get it by the amount of products available on Etsy. However, I've emailed a number of these sellers and they all seem to be very secretive of their sources. There are videos on how to wax canvas yourself, but I'm not really interested in taking that on. Anyone know of a source in the US that might supply a small amount? ie. enough to reupholster a piece of furniture, similar to this
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Best answer: Fairfield Textile is good, I've gotten waxed canvas from them before. You can order a swatch book if you want to see the fabric in person before you commit to buying a bunch.
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British millerain Co.
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I wonder if there's a surplus/re-use market around old waxed canvas tents? Might want to check canvas tent on ebay.
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Call Annette at Rose City Textiles. They've got it! I think it's about $19/yd. Im pretty sure they had brown and green and tan when I was there a couple months ago.
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