Dual monitors without lots of $?
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Is there an easy way for me to run a second monitor on my computer without a new video card?

My office is getting rid of a bunch of CRT monitors. I've got a video card with dual outputs (1 VGA, and 1 of those white ones, I forget what they're called but it's the more modern digital output.) It also has a yellow video out. My existing monitor is VGA. All the CRT monitors on their way out the door are VGA. Can I buy a cheap adapter so I can run two VGAs at once? How spendy would a new video card be that had dual VGA outs?

Bonus points for speedy answers, as these monitors will probably be carted off this afternoon if I don't grab one.
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Best answer: The other connector you're thinking of is probably DVI. You should be able to buy a cheap DVI-VGA adapter to use two monitors at once.
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The most recent monitors we bought for the office came with both DVI and VGA cables.
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Response by poster: So if I buy a DVI to VGA adapter, my video card should probably be able to run both monitors at once?
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Not necessarily. The video card may only be able to drive one of the outputs at any one time. Do you know the model of the card?
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Best answer: IanMorr is right, but the odds are high that your video card is compatible. You can get an adapter for 2 bucks here. Not an expensive investment if it turns out your video card can't handle two monitors.
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Response by poster: My video card is an NVidia GeForce Mx 4000. From some quick googling, it looks like that card will support dual monitors. (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.)

Thanks for all the help everyone!
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