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Is there a site where I can get art and entertainment recommendations on a truly global level?

I would like to emphasis the global aspect of this. Too often "global" just means North America and Europe but I'm interested in even the tiniest countries creating great art/entertainment as long as the work is of great quality.

If the recommendations are hand picked - as opposed to being based on me teaching a recommender system - that would be great because I'm very interested in finding out about new stuff. Reviews aren't necessary: aggregation a la Mefi is sufficient.
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This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but the "mental health breaks" on are often international, and definitely "hand-picked."
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If literature fits in your definition of "art and entertainment" then the Literary Saloon is an excellent resource for truly global book news and reviews. For movies, it's a review site, but Reverse Shot also has a decently global perspective.
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In terms of Africa, Africa is a Country regularly features music from all over the continent and beyond - from Namibian rap to Equatorial Guinean pop. For Independence Days, the blog spotlights music from that country. I've seen some movie/book reviews as well.
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Response by poster: Yes, I'm very much interested in literature too! Thanks, villanelles at dawn.

Africa? That's great, quadrilaterals.
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In that case let me also recommend Three Percent, named after the paltry amount of translated literature published in the US, and Paper Republic, a blog about Chinese literature in translation. I also like Left Field Cinema for international film.
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