Cat Needs a House Call Stat--Brooklyn
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Brooklyn Veterinary House Calls?

My poor cat is at the end of the line. He's in cardiac distress after living very well for nine great years. I can't bring him into the vet's due to his heart problem. Does anyone know of a vet that will make a house call so that I can put him gently to sleep? (I am calling his usual vet when they open; I'm just afraid they won't be able to make it here today and I really don't want him to suffer any more.)
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I'm so sorry about your kitty. If you're near downtown, Hope Vet at 390 Atlantic at Bond does housecalls on Wednesdays:
House Calls On Bikes
Hope Vet started out as a house call practice, with our vets riding bicycles to clients' homes. Dr. Barsky is enthusiastically returning us to our roots! He is now offering routine house calls via bicycle, initially on Wednesdays, within a 5 mile radius from our clinic.
Their phone is (718) 852-4219.
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Try Greenpoint Veterinary Hospital on Nassau. I'm almost positive he makes house calls.
(347) 529-4345
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Thanks everyone. Hope Vet is coming out later today. They mentioned that it's actually on Thursdays when they do house calls, but the doctor's coming today because it's an emergency.

OK, back to crying.
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So sorry for what you're going through.

You sound like you're all set, but just in case something goes kerblooey with a house call and you are in search of a walk-in clinic -- the clinic on 318 Warren Street was very kind with me when I had to bring my own little boy in unexpectedly for the same reason. Offering that as a backup (I know that having a backup plan for every "just in case" scenairo helps stave off my own panic sometimes; offering that advice in that spirit).
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Thanks, everyone. My little buddy went on his own earlier today, in my arms. He was a wonderful guy.

In his honor, please make sure to tickle all your furry friends.
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Again, I'm so sorry, Mixer.

I'll try and get a message to Zach (1993-2010) to keep an eye out for your friend and show him around.
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Nice. Here's Murray. I hope they are tripping out in the cosmos together now.
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Lovely vet will come to you.
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Oh sorry for your loss.
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