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What are the best blackberry apps that take advantage of the bb 9900 touch screen. (Preferably Free)?

Neatest one I've seen so far is wikitude
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Best answer: Well, every app for the 9900 has some touch input aspects, some more than others. My fave apps on my 9900 are BB Traffic, BB Travel, Catapult (game), Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook (2.0+), Foursquare, Fruits and Ninja (game), Hopstop, PatternLock (NOT pattern lock pro), Poynt, ScoreMobile, Sugarsync, Tunein Radio Pro, Twitter, WordPress, and XE Currency.

If you really want to have fun with your touchscreen then I'd get the paid version of Fruits and Ninja, actually. No it's not Fruit Ninja a la iOS/Android/Symbian but it's amazing.
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I like WordMole on a touch screen BB. Also, bejeweled :)
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