Other movies and TV shows like these?
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If I like Connections, Ways of Seeing, Cosmos, Godfrey Reggio's films, and David Attenborough's Life series, what other TV shows or movies will I like?
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Discovery Channel's "Planet Earth" was pretty good.
posted by halfbuckaroo at 6:44 AM on November 15, 2011

You will like Baraka and Workingman's Death.
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Human Planet, too. And you might like Life After People.
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I've been making my way through Human Planet the past couple weeks and am really enjoying it.
posted by snowysoul at 6:48 AM on November 15, 2011

The Ascent of Man.
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I suspect you'll like Michael Palin's travelogue series.
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Desmond Morris, "The Human Animal" (Google Video links at the end of the wiki page). He is delightful.
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You might enjoy Robert Hughes' Shock of the New
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You might not dig his political views, but Nigel Ferguson's Civilization is quite a bit like Connections.
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I've been watching How the Universe Works. It's not really very technical, but I've been picking up some stuff that's more current than I was aware of. And, hey, Mike Rowe.

Everything else Attenborough has done.

Guns, Germs, and Steel is a famous one.

Seconding Michael Palin, and adding the historical documentaries Terry Jones has been doing. The overarching theme is that we're not really so different (or smarter) from how people have always been as we tend to think.

Secrets of Drawing was great. Lots about human perception of reality as it's shaped by art and representation.
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You might like QI.
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If you enjoyed Life you certainly need to see Winged Migration.
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You might want to have a look at Spirit of Baraka which keeps an eye on films like that.
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Our Daily Bread. Possibly The Botany of Desire, though it feels a bit long for the premise. And in a totally different direction but probably still fruitful, the Up Series.
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