Help the permanently befuddled find a nice, high visibility wallet?
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I have Lupus, and one of the things I struggle with is Lupus fog. One way in which this presents itself is that I tend to lose or forget or be unaware of the location of my wallet, and to help me with this I'd like to find a useful, high visibility wallet. I have been using a Levenger International Pocket Briefcase, but I lost that one today and I think it's time I stopped buying black / dark wallets.

So, Hivemind, do you have any suggestions for a high visibility wallet for notes and cards that isn't too 'surfy' etc?

Also, if you have any other suggestions for someone who is becoming fogged in on how to not lose things, that would also be appreciated.
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Best answer: I am a fan of the wallets from mywalit. They are colorful and attractive.
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Response by poster: Oh! I should also probably mention I'm a male...
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Best answer: Is attractiveness a requirement? I put 3M scotchlite tape on my glucose monitor case for similar reasons. Also, I have a shelf and hook right by my door for emptying my pockets of keys, wallet and essentials when I come home so it's right there as I leave.
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Best answer: Are you thinking more of a light/bright traditional leather wallet, or about something wildly-patterned and made of nylon or recycled billboards or something?

Some possibilities: Ragged Edge, J.Fold, Freitag.
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Best answer: I've had to deal with a similar fogginess in the past and have found the following helpful:

1. Always put your wallet in the same place. Make sure it has a set place to be in your house and when you're out and about. When you arrive home, put it in its place. Whenever you are about to leave somewhere, check that your wallet is in its place.

2. Whenever you take your wallet out to pay for something, keep your wallet in your hand until you get your change or card back, then immediately put it back in its place. This helps ensure that 1) you know where your wallet is and 2) you always get your change or card back.

These can be somewhat difficult for a while (up to 2-3 weeks), but gets much easier as you get in the habit.

Also, if you often forget your wallet at home, but always remember something else when you leave the house, you can put those two things together. A friend often forgot her lunch, but always remembered her keys, so she put her keys in her fridge for a while.

Feel free to MeMail me if you want to talk other fogginess tips.
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Best answer: I am pretty sure there is a gadget that gives you a number of attachable key-fob doodads - so I'm not sure how useful that is for you - (but perhaps you can get crafty : ) which you can attach to various things and then if you lose them, you use the 'master' remote control thing (which presumably you always know the location of), to click, and your key-fobbed thing of choice will beep, informing you of the location of the missing item(s).

Hopefully you don't misplace it when you are not at home. : )
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Best answer: Freitag - bright, durable, and since they're made of bits of lorry they're good and masculine.
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Best answer: Wiskunde has some great ideas, to add: for a long time I attached my keys to me for the exact same reason. I had a lanyard that they attached to.
I don't know if you have any interest in a wallet chain that might help you keep the wallet tied to you.

Other than that, consistency is your friend. My wallet always lives in the back right pocket of the pants I was last wearing. It ONLY lives in the back right pocket of the last pants I was wearing. The only time I take it out is to pay for something, and like Wiskunde said, I NEVER put it down.

I don't know if it applies, but in terms of forgetting things - facts, dates, etc. I find that everything either goes into my e-mail account, my calendar, or on my dropbox where I keep manuals for pieces of gear that I use often. I get access to all of those things from my smartphone.
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Best answer: Nthing that I regularly forgot my wallet until I attached my keys to it. I only have a couple small keys, so I can still fit it in my back pocket / coat pocket without issues. I also pat myself down when I'm standing to leave to make sure I have my phone and wallet.

I write down everything I'll need to remember in one of a few places. David Allen's Getting Things Done is great for developing a system.
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Best answer: I bit the bullet and went with Find One, Find All as a solution to my continuously misplacing wallets, keys, purses, remotes, etc. Already it's saved me considerable frustration. Basically, if you can get to any one of the items you tend to misplace, a button press will find any other (provided you didn't leave it at work / at home, or under 3 feet of light- and sound-blocking material, of course).

Might be worth a look.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, there are some extremely helpful suggestions here!

So, currently I'm planning to combine a visually noticeable wallet (from mywalit, thank you indecision) with the 'Find One, Find All' device (thank you tigrrrlily) and my partner and I are going to discuss how we maximise my autopilot's ability to put things in the same place every time so I can rely on them being there when I need them.

There are other suggestions above that I intend to absorb and implement, or reinforce, as I'm already doing some of these things to some degree.

I also had some lovely support and suggestions from others via private message -- thanks to those people as well!

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