Searching for an early 2000s flash game
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I am looking for a Flash (?) game I played back in 2003 that I have not seen since.

A friend and I were talking today about an online game we both happened to play (independently) and we'd love to find it again. Our google search turns up nothing.

The game came out about 2003-2004, and I think it was Flash-based. It involved a "Blaster Master" (old Nintendo game) type vehicle that you controlled. The user options were to place a certain number of bombs and a certain angle under the vehicle. The vehicle would then bounce around the screen, hitting objects, the number of which varied per level (we can't remember what the objects were). The goal of each level was to hit all of the objects with one "blast." There were about 20-30 levels in the game. It was apparently popular enough to have two random people (we didn't know each other at the time) play it during the same period.

Any help would be much appreciated in finding a link to the game!
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It sounds a lot like the Halo-inspired fan game Warthog Launch, based on the multiplayer hobby of using piles of grenades to try to launch the Warthog jeeps to improbable locations. The original was uploaded February 2004, so the timing's about right.
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Oh dear - metafilter strikes again! This is exactly the game we were talking about!! Many thanks Rhaomi!

(Neither of us have played Halo, or even XBox for that matter, so we wouldn't have gotten that reference)
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